Astor IV Dual Pods:

Astor dual wing pods and Radomes originate from the ALQ-503 pods that are modified and built ITAR free in Sweden.

My-konsult designs are manufactured by our subsidiary company JPC Composite AB that provides manufacturing of radomes and composite for the military-and civil Flight industry

The pods should hang in two pylons as far out on each wing as possible in order to optimize antenna coverage and the use Rx Overlook and gain isolation for side-/back lobe jamming with parallel receive and transmit.

The Astor IV ram air cooled pod does not require any special cooling during flight and continuous operation. When stationary, on ground level, the complete pod will be capable of running continuously with additional ground cooling equipment during transmit. 


  • Three generators, RWR and computer set-up in each pod.   
  • Weight: 195 kg /pod or less than150 kg for a carbon fiber pod.
  • Dimensions: 3245 x 426cm. 14” and 30” pylon interface
  • M0.95 – 1+, + 8 /- 3 g

Astor IV modified original metal pod shell or
 optional carbon fiber
  pod to gain less weight-  and more time in the air.