My-konsult Antennas

Wideband circular polarized horn antennas

My-konsult antennas is available for the 2-6 GHz and 7-18 GHz frequency range. The antennas are of type circular polarized quad ridge horn antennas. Polarization (LHCP or RHCP) is customer selectable.

Low band:

Frequency:2-6 GHz
Azimuth beamwidth:50 degrees @ 6 GHz
Elevation beamwidth:40 degrees @ 6 GHz
Gain:>8,5 dB
Dimensions, LxWxH:224x114x114 mm
Weight:500 g
Power handling CW:53 dBm

High band:

Frequency:7-18 GHz
Azimuth beamwidth:50 degrees @18 GHz
Elevation beamwidth:40 degrees @18 GHz
Gain:>9 dB
Dimensions, LxWxH:135x56x35 mm
Weight:200 g
Power handling CW:53 dBm