Astor IV

Astor IV Electronic Attack (EA) and Training System:

Tactical EA capability by using:

  • Electronic Attack (incl. TES and ES)
  • Escort jamming
  • Stand-Off jamming
  • Self-Protection jamming
  • Threat Emitter Simulation
  • Electronic Support during jamming
  • Electronic Protection training (EP)
  • Test & Evaluation, R & D
  • Dual cooperating and modified ALQ-503 pods covering C – J and GPS bands
  • RWR with Library and PRI data bank
  • Separate band generators with dual DRFMs, SOR plus PRI Predictor and tracker
  • Semi-automatic or automatic Multi-modes
  • Multi-threat capabilities
  • Minimized workload

EA capability by using:

  • Responsive closed loop training
  • Semiautomatic- or Manual Operation
  • Threat information & recording
  • Similar features as opponents new Electronic Attack systems
  • Single pilot basic training as EW threat replica
  • EWO responsive basic to advanced training
  • Radar T&E and R&D platform

Astor IV modified original metal pod shell or
 optional carbon fiber
 pod for weight reduction-  resulting in more time in the air.

System architecture:

The ITAR free Astor IV multi band system is mounted in two pods and is modular and programmable to support a wide range of tactical- and threat-related EA techniques.
The user can generate traditional jamming techniques as well as modern coherent jamming with techniques coordination and combinations.
Unlike many wideband ECM self-protection systems Astor IV does not use frequency down- and up-converters to avoid long reaction time with less dynamic range and future complicated band upgrades. To be able to perform all EA mission profiles Astor IV use separated generators for each band with dual Digital RF Memories (DRFM) and a fast Set-On Receiver (SOR) giving the possibility to work on all bands simultaneous with fast reaction time in both pipeline- and stored delay modes.
Wider Frequency band coverage is handled by fast frequency (=µs) switching between the DRFM max. Frequency area.
Each band generator is designed with three parallel channels using different characteristics. Each channel can work independently or synchronized to the other channels.

 Astor “Tactical loop”:

  • Mission Data is loaded to the a/c by the two Astor IV computers (one in each pod)
  • Mission Data consists of a number of files that e.g. contain parameters
    controlling the behavior of the modes
  • Mission Data is prepared prior to flight using the MSS = PC/laptop
  • Mode Parameters can also be edited from the Cockpit preferably on ground

The built-in Logging function records the following to the removable hard disk/ USB memory for post mission evaluation:

  • All detected Emitters and their Pulse description words (PDW)
  • Applied Jamming/TES mode and Pilot/EWO commands
  • Receiver settings and Transmitter status.
  • GPS data and time