Astor III (V)

Astor III (V)

The Astor III (V) is an ITAR free ECM/ES/TES Techniques Generator(s) for 2 – 6 bands with a built in RWR. It is designed for SPJ, Escort, SOJ and TES scenarios that meet different tactical EW training and threat levels, as well as basic to advanced EP Training. Astor III (V) can be provided with or without pods.

The Astor III (V) has a modern training and exercise capability and is the first Swedish EW Support system that was designed and used for air-to-air, air-to-ground/surface as well as ground-to-ground and Test and Evaluation use. 

The Astor III (V) is modular and programmable and this allows the customer to generate traditional threat-related jamming techniques as well as modern coherent jamming techniques and techniques coordination and combinations. 

Each ECM band is designed with three digital parallel channels using different characteristics. Each channel can work independently or synchronized to the other channels.

Thanks to the rapid IT development and customer controllable software, the system can constantly be upgraded to cope with new needs and threats.

Astor III (V) system is similar to Astor IV when it comes to basic functions. The System has one or two DRFM of the same type as Astor IV and a SOR and BN/SN features plus a predictor with one or multi trackers.


•    Basic to advanced simultaneous ECM, ESM and Threat Emitter Simulation of multiple radars in different bands.

•    Mode editor and parameter setting with graphical visualization usable for training and tactical planning.

•    Digital Set-On Receiver-, Digital Generator -, Digital RF Memory (DRFM)- and PRI Predictor /Trackers with data bank

•    Frequency blanking of single/multiple frequencies.

•    Logging and ESM recording of radars and own ECM actions with synchronized GPS-time.

•    Operating System: Linux.