Portable RF Test Emitter
Tempo is a low cost portable emitter for testing and maintenance of RWR, ESM and ECM systems.

Capabilities and Features:
  • Simple for use on the flight line, aboard ships, on the range or in the work shop.
  • Lightweight, user programmable hand-held test set HMI with local key-board and display or external standard LAN-interface
  • State-of-the-art COTS hardware and software blocks
  • Fill-in-the-blanks Emitter descriptions on SD-memory card
  • Multimode signals (PRI/Amplitude/Frequency)
  • Internal antennas or RF out and batteries or AC

Frequency: 2-18 GHZ (Optional: 0.4 - 2 GHz)
Resolution: 1 MHz step typical Fq switch time: 10 ms
Output power: Max +20 dBm to antenna or +17 dBm to external outlet
Wave forms: Pulse or CW
Scan patterns: STT and search modes
Pulse width: 0.05 - 400 µs
Ant. beam width: 90º, LHC or RHC. spiral antenna
Antenna gain: + 0 dB (typical)
Weight/size: 4.5 kg / 32x8x17 cm
Power. AC or ~ 4 H battery time